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Team Apex Multisport is a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based multisport team. Team Apex is group of fun and dedicated individuals participating in several areas of competition including triathlons, road cycling, mountain biking, cyclocross, and marathons, to name a few. Team Apex Multisport is dedicated to ensuring its members reach their goals, become great friends, support each other at events, and live better lives. From beginners to elite athletes, our members compete locally, nationally and internationally with a diverse set of goals and expertise. The team was founded in 2009, with the mission of encouraging people to get together and have fun, live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy outdoor activities. ​ ​


Team Apex Multisport is proud to be raising money and awareness for the Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation as well as several local organizations.  We believe it is important for our members to live the best lives they can, but it is also important to enrich the lives of those in need and in our community as well.

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